Organic Gardening – Grow your own exotic fruits and vegetables

We have been talking about different varieties of exotic fruits and vegetables all the time but we never thought of growing our own. Well, I did! 🙂 and do it the organic way. I studied a lot about it and here are my tips on how to do organic gardening.

With the onset of fall and sending warm invitations to winter, don’t you think, it’s a perfect time for paying due attention to your garden. Otherwise you can also turn your old garden into an organic one. Now before you turn yourself into a quiz master and ask me what is organic gardening; or say organic garden, I will like to describe the actual meaning of it.


What is Organic Gardening?

Organic gardening is a certain way of growing plants, flower, vegetables, fruits or any kind of herbs, shrubs, where both traditional and scientific techniques are adopted to nurture them. The term organic gardening can be applied either on a smaller scale in respect of the plants in your garden or on a wider scale in respect of farming for commercial purposes. Another thing is that in organic gardening synthetic fertilizers are not used. In organic gardening there are lots of things involved which usually people don’t do. In it, the plants are perceived to be a part of the entire system of nature. The process starts from nourishing the soil, and ends till harvesting delicious and fresh fruits and vegetables.


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