Supermarket madness?

Over the last few years British supermarkets have gone to some increasingly bizarre lengths to gain customer interest. The main chains have continued to try and outdo each other in the creation of fruit and vegetables you wouldn’t even begin to imagine you needed, let alone the question of ‘what do I do with it’ (or as some like to say – why the bl**y h*ll!).

News in the last week caught my attention, that Tesco (one of the largest chains) has unveiled this years winner – an apple that’s pink inside. Maintaining a pale yellow skin, it’s when you bite in that you get the surprise. a pale pink colouring that looks more like someone got to the dye gun first.

Suprise pink apple

This made me remember the other more epic attempts to gain our attention, the most notable in my opinion being the ‘bubbleberry‘ – resembling a small strawberry, yet with that unmistakable taste of bubblegum, perfect for afternoon teas (if you’re the Mad Hatter).  And while it may sound equally bizarre, in 2008 Morrisons gave us the red banana that was actually sourced from a plantation rather than a chemistry lab, and tasted like raspberries.


I wonder if Australia will ever get in on this game – wouldn’t it be fun to come up with our own creations to export to an unsuspecting world. I’m thinking Vegemite flavoured bananas, maybe a passionfig, or best of all green and gold tomatoes.