Taking a Fresh Look at Weird Fruits which Deliver

Emerging from the Winter, I did what I’m sure everyone concerned about their weight and their health does… go on a juice fast. Not with apples, pears and strawberries though. No, the world is full of healthy, edible fruits and veggies and  I wanted to taste some of them. There’s nothing like a bit of a culinary adventure, and I wanted to replace carrots, oranges and apples with some exotic fruits and vegetables if I could find them.

In Australia for starters, I came across a bright yellow, semi-tropical fruit with these long spindly fingers growing on a friend’s farm. Known as Buddha’s Hand, this healthy citrus fruit, which looks just a bit like a lemon, doesn’t have juice. You can slice it and put it in your juicer. Superfoods are abundant everywhere, like lemons, and adding in some pitaya meant I was going to get a fill dose of  beneficial nutrients and enzymes.

Idon’t think that it was my imagination when i discovered by skin and sinuses clearing and my joints feeling more flexible and smooth. Its rue that there are lots of different opinions about whats important when losing weight and trying to be healthy at the same time. Quality, originality and taste do it for me and with clear skin and sinuses, these exotic fruits certain deliver!